Who Are Ralph & Cathy Oats?

Ralph and Cathy Oats started with a simple desire.

Where We Came From

Ralph & Cathy Oats are self-made millionaires. To fully appreciate where they are today, you have to understand where they came from:

In 1984, Ralph and Cathy were living paycheck to paycheck. Ralph was a truck driver and Cathy was a housewife; on a good year they made $38,000. Driven by the fear of what would happen to their daughter if she didn’t attend college, the Oats took out a bank loan of $5,000, with their house as collateral, so they could start selling water filters part-time in hopes of earning an extra $100 a week to pay for tuition. Working with a simple but consistent approach, Ralph and Cathy exceeded their goals by earning $14,000 in just four months. After their initial success, Ralph quit his job to pursue this new business venture with Cathy full time. “We were excited and scared to death,” Ralph says, adding that neither of them had had any sales experience, “but we were determined.” In their first full year in business, the couple earned $100,000. They doubled that amount their second year. After six years, they built an organization of over 687,000 distributors, teaching them to do what they did, and sold over a billion dollars in products. In 1990, Ralph and Cathy retired and moved to Florida financially independent.

It didn't take long for Ralph and Cathy to become restless with retirement at their young age so they took notice when they were introduced to nutritional products in 1990, that had a dramatic impact on their personal health. “We saw an opportunity that was even greater than what we experienced in the 80s,” says Ralph. For the next two years, Ralph and Cathy duplicated their earlier successes, quickly working their way to Top Producer and Top Earner status for a nutritional company while also being named “Masters of Multi-Level Marketing” by Success Magazine.

Business Ownership

That's when Ralph and Cathy decided it was time for the next challenge. They had always dreamed of starting their own company, and did just that in October 1992. They built an amazing network marketing company from the ground up—providing people the solutions they were looking for, control of their health and wealth. In the first month, they recorded an astounding 1.7 million dollars in retail sales. The business continued growing over the years and was welcomed with open arms into the medical community. After 25 years of dedication and perseverance, Ralph & Cathy retired knowing that their mentorship had changed the lives of so many. Thus, completing their vision—knowledge is a natural motivator.

Their Impact

Ralph & Cathy Oats have made an impact on colleagues worldwide with their training and commitment to relationships. Read a few examples of how they have changed the lives of countless entrepreneurs around the world.

"Some people come in your life at the exact right moment, they travel a while with you and when the time is right, we will resume our journey in a different direction. Ralph and Cathy Oats are those serial entrepreneurs who came into my life when I left the corporate world and was really looking for something different. In almost 15 years I learned more valuable lessons from them compared to 20 years corporate world.

I learned about freedom, about making choices, about passion, about taking responsibility.
I learned about me, very important before I was able to learn about people.
I learned about structure, goalsetting and thinking big.
I learned about the importance of family and about building your network.
About trust, integrity, compassion, leadership and so much more.

They changed my life and the lives of my family. We are who we are today because of them. Our past shaped us for the future and we are ready to create those new opportunities.

It is time to walk our own path...but we never forget."
I.B. - Netherlands - Oct 8, 2017

"I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to do business with you ...You have made an impact on all our lives and for that I'm thankful."
T.M. - United States - Oct 6, 2017

"Was great to have known y'all! Such down to earth people. Thanks for guiding us!!"
A.B. - United States - Oct 9, 2017

"A wonderful experience. I am blessed to have learned from and worked with the WIN family."
L.N. - United States - Oct 5, 2017

"René and I want to thank you for all you have done for us and all that we have learned from you! One thing I learned is to THINK POSITIVE. This helped me a lot. And now we think positive and go on with most of our team for be partner of a other MLM business, because this is what we like to do. I wish you all the best."
C.G. - Netherlands - Oct 9, 2017

"Peter and I would like to thank you for the great time we had with you. Thinking back it is hard not to admit we learned a lot and regretfully it has come to an end. Your lessons will be used on a daily base, that they can't take away from us. All the best."
G.v.R. - Netherlands - Oct 8, 2017

"I am so grateful for all my WIN years!! I am a stronger, more confident and powerful person. I would not have wanted to miss this opportunity for the world and am very thankful my mom decided to join. Think of how many harts you have touched as a family, sooooo many!"
S.B. - Netherlands - Oct 7, 2017

"I had a great time in WIN as did everyone. You have both taught so much to so many and changed many lives. You made people believe they could do anything they wanted (and many did) and showed many how to make money and better themselves. As hard as it is, there's a "time" for everything and no telling where God will lead you both next. MLM truly is an equal opportunity for all, without overhead to grow a business and be an entrepreneur. Best, best wishes to you both."
R.B. - United States - Oct 5, 2017

"I hope you know that you’ve changed lives, altered destinies, and lifted generations. Although WIN doesn’t continue in legal form it will continue for decades because of the seeds you planted, watered, and harvested. You changed my life for so much better and it will live on with our family and so many more. During this difficult time, never underestimate your impact on us. May these next days and years begin to reveal to you both your greatness and how much you are loved."
J.M. - United States - Oct 5, 2017

"I am sorry to hear that WIN stops. I wish you and Ralph all the best. I think a lot about the wonderful time with you all. Lots of love."
E.G. - Netherlands - Oct 6, 2017

"Thank you so much for all the years of inspiration and mentoring. Building a beautiful company as WIN Worldwide has given many men & women the courage to start creating a residual income. Whether they earned a little or a lot. Thanks again and a big hug for both of you!"
S.K. - Netherlands - Oct 6, 2017

"Thank you for all that you have done for all of us over the years. God bless you and your family."
M.P. - United States - Oct 6, 2017

"You two are an amazing couple and you have done so much for many!!! God is watching over us, I have faith in our futures. Thank you for what you have done."
L.M. - United States - Oct 5, 2017

"Thanks for everything Cathy and Ralph take care and God bless you!"
D.W.K. - Netherlands - Oct 5, 2017

"Thank you so much for helping me with all in the WIN business. You empower and inspire me! I wish you all the best! Lots of love and health for the future!! "
M.K. - Netherlands - Oct 5, 2017

"WIN was my first REAL job. I bought my first car with a WIN paycheck. WIN was also my very first hard-cash sponsor when I started a nonprofit several years later. You helped me create media campaigns shared by dozens of organizations and seen by thousands. This put me in a position to help a group start a transition center for teens aging out of the foster care system on the Meadows Foundation campus. At the end of our 11-year run my nonprofit was in 34 different cities helping organizations from human services to the arts, to animal and child welfare. I never felt more fulfilled as I did running this foundation. And it never would have lifted off without that first donation from WIN. I know over the last 25 years you all have shared in your success — with individuals, with organizations, with communities, with people who may have never even known your name. You didn’t have to do that. But you did. And like me — there’s no telling the ripple effect it had on others in ways we may never know. Without doubt, though — it did. 25 years wasn’t long enough — but is definitely worthy of celebration."
R.T. - United States - Oct 5, 2017

"Chris and I want to express to you our love and our gratitude for the past almost 10 years You have both been a huge contribution to our personal growth and present and future success and we truly, deeply appreciate you for it."
M.B. - United States - Oct 4, 2017

"Thank you for all the wise lessons you gave me. Not only for business, but also as a person. All the lessons have made me stronger. I own a business now that is growing every day. Not MLM, but another company. If I never had the lessons from you, I never would have the business that I do now. For every decission I make I always think, 'What would the Oats do?' I will never forget what you have taught me."
J.B. - Netherlands - Oct 14, 2017

"Today, I would like to say thank you so much for taking care of WIN Worldwide for so long and thank you for giving me a chance to work for this company. Your sincerity for the company and the employees was incredible. Even thought it was a very short period for me to work for WIN, I have a lifetime experience with such great colleagues and owners."
M.R. - United States - Oct 10, 2017

"I wish you all the strength and love for the coming period."
T.W. - Netherlands - Oct 4, 2017

“I want people to understand they can have anything they choose if they have the desire to be willing to learn.”

Ralph Oats

Sharing the Vision

Everybody said we were crazy, but we had a vision.

Take Control of Your Health & Wealth

Everyone wants to leave their mark in life and be remembered as someone that made a difference. Making a difference is the legacy that Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy, have left in their 25 years as business owners. They funneled their passion and time to help others realize they are capable of more—all they had to do was believe and be willing to take the steps to accomplish their dreams.

Back in 1984, everybody said Ralph and I were crazy, but we understood what we were doing—we had a vision. We not only achieved our vision of earning an extra $100 a week, we surpassed it and expanded our goals to become millionaires and teach countless others to do the same. Our personal growth and goal setting led us to develop our own multi-level marketing company, WIN. Through the years, we helped countless others see their true potential and achieve success either physically, mentally or financially.

“We understood what we were doing—we had a vision.”

Cathy Oats


WIN through the years


Sitting down with Ralph & Cathy

Interview from August 2013

When did you first realize MLM was more than just supplemental income?
The fourth month. The first month we earned $2000, and then $3000, $4000, $5000 and that’s more money than I earned driving a truck for 20 years, so by the fourth month we said, ‘This is our future right here.’ I quit my job. Once we went full time we never looked back.

Talk about the decision to branch out from being a distributor to being a co-founder of your own business.
After five years we retired with a seven-figure income, but we always wanted to build our own company. The reason we started WIN was because we had a mutual friend with the Sindlers, and he knew we wanted to build a company. Phil Sindler also wanted to build a company so we came together. We taught our training, just like we proved it worked in one company and then we went to another company and did 230 million in 22 months, so we knew what to do.

Looking back, was it hard to realize you went from once being the guy saying ‘No’ to the opportunity to becoming the one building a business around that opportunity?
I know why people say ‘No,’ because I was that person. We are all those people. I’d say 99% of the people we all talk to are going to say ‘No.’ The natural response to change is ‘No.’ Most people in multi-level marketing are looking for somebody to say ‘Yes.’ I always looked for somebody I could get to say ‘Yes.’ Why? Because I was one of those people. I didn’t say ‘No’ because I didn’t want money or didn’t want to send our daughter to college. I said ‘No’ because I didn’t believe I could do it. I said ‘No’ because I knew I couldn’t sell, I knew I didn’t want to be sold to. So I understand the first response is ‘No.’ It was my responsibility to make sure the person understood why they needed to say ‘Yes.’

How did it feel when you realized you started something that would change your life?
We always knew this was our opportunity. We ate it, we slept it, we lived it. Did we have any idea the money we’d make, the things that would be accomplished? Not really, we just knew we were where we needed to be.

You’ve said before that you really enjoyed working with people—developing them, why?
Because they are like me. Maybe not everyone had the desire to prove themselves like I did, I came from poverty. I needed an opportunity to prove myself. I wanted people to understand they could have anything they chose if they had the desire to be willing to learn. I had a strong desire for you to be successful, but I had to create the desire within you to want to be successful. My whole thing was about proving to a person that they could be.

A lot of people, when they grow up in poverty they get stuck in that cycle. Why do you think you broke out of that cycle?
My wife, Cathy. She made me want to be more.

How do you develop someone?
Our thought was people needed to prove to us that they shouldn’t have more. There isn’t really a reason why you shouldn’t have more, other than you not believing it. If the truck driver, high school dropout and housewife can go from nothing to earning millions, why shouldn’t you think about making a change so you can earn money?

Did you have a role model or a mentor?
No. My father was a great guy, but he was poor. He had a third grade education. I didn’t have a mentor in business, but I had a great father and mother. Good people, but broke.

Looking back, what skills did you learn earlier in life that helped you with your business?
Ralph and I had the opportunity to spend time working with kids. It started through our church. Ralph was asked to come talk to kids at an inner-city school, so he began counseling kids with a pretty simple message, “Ok, you were born here, so now what are you going to do about it?” Being born in the projects himself, Ralph always had a heart for kids since he knew firsthand how hard life could be.

We then began spending Ralph’s vacation time each summer working at a camp. Every summer was the same. We’d get there, walk up to introduce ourselves and touch them on the shoulder — and they would jerk away. They were tough kids with tough lives, most without a father and some basically living on the street. These kids trusted no one. However, by the time the week was over, they wanted to be around us.

We learned we had to befriend these kids and show them respect — something they weren’t used to. It was only then real communication could take place and we could speak about making a change in their life. None of them believed they could be anything different than what they were, but in following up with these kids we learned because we believed in them they tried to make a change, they didn’t want to disappoint us.

I know this was the greatest experience we had for our business. When we talked to people, there was still that same fear about making a change and most didn’t believe change was possible. But believing in people makes all things possible.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
To find strength through adversity. That the trials you experience are a test of your faith, character and endurance.

What is the best piece of advice you give?
You have all the attributes you need, you just need to exercise them. The only thing keeping you from being successful is you, it’s a decision you make and what’s going to keep you moving forward is your goal setting.

What are you most excited about for the future?
Proving to people that we can be the biggest and the best.

“Get people thinking about the things they can have, not the things they can't.”

Ralph Oats